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Devetashka Cave


Its enormous size and insanely beautiful chambers can be seen by everyone. The premiere of Sylvester Stallone’s new blockbuster The Expendables 2 is in 2012. You can’t find the connection between the two sentences? Well, let’s just say that Devetashka Cave is one of the main settings in the movie. Of course, witnessing the actual natural wonder with your own eyes will have a much powerful impact. So go and visit it. It is located in Central Northern Bulgaria, 15 km away from the neat town of Lovech. The cave is home to thousands of bats (I wonder why Batman wasn’t shot there) and is also the place where a huge collection of Neolithic artifacts was found. Those of you who wish to visit Devetashka Cave should keep in mind that it remains closed for tourists in June and July because this period coincides with the mating season of the animals that live there. Although it has been an official natural landmark since 1996, infrastructure is yet to be developed in the cave

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