Exploring Tourism in Bulgaria
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Bulgaria Popular Places to Visit


One of the ancient coastal towns to see in Bulgaria; Sozopol exhibits relics and remnants of the Bronze Age. Perched at the Black Sea coast; there is an ancient fortress overlooking the sea and archaeological evidence of a sprawling Christian complex. Best known for splendid beaches and nightlife; Sozopol attracts travelers of all kinds, throughout the year. It is one of


Bansko is the most buzzing skiing destination of Bulgaria and one of the best places to visit in Bulgaria in winter. Nestled at the foothills of Pirin Mountains, Bansko welcomes all winter sports lover with wide arms. One among the must-see Bulgaria places; this ski resort town boasts of numerous ski and snowboard areas on Todorka Peak like Tomba Run and

Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo is a small and quaint city in central Bulgaria. This is a 7000 years old town, located by the Yantra River and surrounded by three hills, namely; Tsaravets, Trapezitsa, and Sveta Gora. Veliko Tarnovo was once the capital of the second Bulgarian empire. As a fortified city, the place is walled on all sides and offers superb panoramic views


Plovdiv is mostly visited by history lovers and anthropologists. This is one of the ancient Bulgaria places, built around 7 hills, along with the course of Maritsa River. Featuring fortresses, amphitheaters, churches, cobbled stone roads, and vintage houses; Plovdiv offers utmost holiday charm, like none other.


Varna is one of the significant places to see in Bulgaria. Showcasing history and heritage of the bygone era, this serene resort town comprises of Roman baths, ancient cathedrals, and museums. Varna beaches are vibrant and happening and lined with shacks and bars, where people can hang out, sunbathe and unwind and indulge in water sports.

Dyavolskoto Garlo Cave

The Devil’s Throat is situated right next to the famous Trigrad Gorge and just a couple of kilometres away from Shiroka Laka Village, an architectural and folklore reserve in the Rhodope Mountains. Essentially, it is a pit cave where one can see the highest cave waterfall on the Balkan Peninsula as well as the Roaring Hall – a 110 m-long,

Snezhanka Cave

This is yet another breathtaking cave located in the Rhodope Mountain. But it is not for everyone. Only those willing to climb the steep 830-metre-long eco path leading to it will have the privilege to witness its magnificence. The Udder Room, the Great Hall and the Music Hall are just a few of Snezhanka’s attractions while the rock figure of

Uhlovitsa Cave

Uhlovitsa, one of the oldest caves in the Rhodope Mountains, is situated about 40 km away from Pamporovo Ski Resort. It is home to some amazing coral-like cave formations (corallites) and probably the most striking Icefall found on the territory of Bulgaria. Every year around 3000 tourists cover the difficult route that leads to the cave just to marvel at

Bacho Kiro Cave

Bacho Kiro near the town of Veliko Tarnovo is one of the most visited caves in the country. The first room, commonly referred to as the Antechamber, is of particular interest to explorers and archaeologists. Why? Well, during excavations there a huge set of precious artifacts dating back to the Paleolithic Era was discovered, that’s why. The peculiar karst formations

Yagodinska Cave

It is a 10 km-long, 3-level cave which lies in the heart of the Western Rhodope Mountain in Southern Bulgaria. The interior of the cave is adorned by many stalactites, stalagmites and cave pearls and some unique rock formations which remind one of Snow White and the seven dwarves, the Virgin Mary and Baby Christ Himself. The cave is open